Keep on Writing…….

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” 

So, someone finally asked how long I would be able to keep this ‘blogging’ thing up.  They said that with my busy schedule it would be easy to give it up. I have to say, so far it has been easy to write.  I usually keep to a theme that has occurred during my day and from that I am able just to write!

I am a bit dubious though as the days go by of being able to keep thinking of new topics.  Though, having the time to be able to just spend writing and reflecting on certain aspects of my day have been a welcome respite from the busy day of school life.  

The video I spoke about in a previous post, where the viewers were told just to write and push the ‘publish’ button, no matter what, has been my motivation for writing every day. That has been my goal each day since the first of January and we are now into February and so far so good!  Like my husband told my daughter the other day, ” You will never regret writing too much however you will regret writing too little.”

Reading other blog posts can give me stimulus for writing but it would be fantastic for people to actually ask me to write about certain issues that occur in the day to day life of a headteacher or in a primary school.  There must be things that people want to know or find out.  Especially practitioners that want to find out how other schools do things to compare to the context they work in.  So, if you are reading this and want to question practice in another school or have a query regarding relevant issues, please let this be your invitation to ask!  

This ‘blogging’ forum is a terrific way in which to learn from each other and to share our experiences; a way to see what works from one school to another and analyse what could be improved.

At the moment, I am just happy to be writing.  I will continue to write each and every day – hopefully with new ideas, inspiration, motivation and snippets of information that either are helpful or thought provoking.  

But, if my writing is none of the above…..I will still continue to write…….

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