When someone has ‘IT’……………………….

”Do not hire a man (or woman) who does your work for money, but him (or her) who does it for the love of it.” 

~Henry David Thoreau~

What do you look for when you are hiring new staff?

It is so interesting to see the range of people who come through the doors but is there a ‘special’ something that you look for when hiring new people into your school?

Obviously, depending on the role, you look for someone who fits the criteria and has the skills needed for the position.

I look for someone who is proactive, eager to learn and is truly passionate about the role they are applying for.  Even through nerves, you can tell when someone has ‘it.’  ‘It’ is that edge that puts them above the rest, or that glimpse into what they could be when their confidence grows.

Very often it is the candidates who are quite shy but clearly enthusiastic, who win me over due to the fact that you can see in them the qualities that will be more prominent when they get into the post and become comfortable in their role and in themselves.  They can become the hidden ‘diamonds.’  Who, after finally buffing away their timid exterior, become the ones who bring new qualities and fresh perspectives into the school.  The transformation of some staff within their roles can be incredible.  When this takes place you realise how much, not only they can provide the school with, but how much the school can actually offer them.

You just know when someone fits.  You can also tell when someone is genuine.  It is this quality that, for me, is very important.  If they are not being themselves, or clearly putting on a show, you know that the ‘authenticity’ of that particular person is not as it should be.

When hiring teachers, for example, putting them with the children is the best way to see how they are.  Their facial expressions, their body language, how comfortable they are in the situation, all act as clues as to how natural their ‘relationships’ will be with the children in their care.

‘It’ is difficult to explain…..but you know when someone has that special ‘it.’

What does ‘it’ look like to you?

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