Walking the Talk…….

Leadership isn’t about power for the sake of power – not true leadership.  Instead it deals with modeling behavior you want others to have…..

~Laura Weekly~

Finding time to teach the children as a headteacher can be a challenge.  There are so many things to do and get done, deadlines, etc, that it makes it hard to be able to get into the classrooms and take the lead.

I’m hoping as things settle down and all my systems are up and running, it will be easier to sneak away some time so that I can teach the children and see how they are progressing.

At the moment, I have covered a few PPA sessions and sometimes covered when supply is needed.  Since October, I have been taking the top maths group out of year 6, focusing on level 6 and beyond.  I did this as a deputy as well, and really enjoy working with the children and watching them rise to the challenges I present them with.  I do this three mornings a week and I try to give them activities and/or projects to work on in the days between.  

But many people forget, that the head teacher should be just that……the ‘head’ teacher, one of the best teachers, the one who can go in and demonstrate just what it is that they expect out of their teachers.  Far too often, I have seen head teachers who refuse to go into the classroom or just cannot even cope in the classroom. This is the fear when ‘businessmen and women’ are allowed to come and lead a school.  How will they be able to set the example in the classroom?  They should be the lead in teaching and learning and be able to model this excellent practice in the classroom.

Learning 200+ names takes time, but being in the class, getting to know the children makes it much easier to remember and gives you a chance to really get to know them.

If you are a head teacher of a medium sized school, how did you find the time to get into the classrooms to teach?  How do you model what you expect from your teachers?  How do they know you can ‘walk the talk?’ 

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