Spend some time this weekend on home improvement; improve your attitude toward your family.

~Bo Bennett~

Today I heard about another marriage  that had just broken up…..a colleague with young children….someone who works hard, has high ambitions and who, in school, you really could not fault.

I cannot tell you how shocked I was at hearing this news….I don’t know how I would cope without my other half.  How, as a head, I would be able to go home some nights and not have my family there to welcome me at the door.  I have heard too many of these stories, where teachers, heads and senior leaders put everything into their jobs and end up losing what matters most.   I could cry thinking about this, my eyes are literally welling up.

My family is my everything, therefore after God, my husband and my children come before all else.  I don’t even want to imagine what life would be like without having them here everyday.

I cannot tell you how blessed I am.  I truly do count my blessings.  Through careful consideration and planning, which people may criticise, it is my husband who is home every afternoon, so that when my son and daughter arrive home, he is often the one who greets them.  When I get home, he has tall, cold, iced drinks ready for all of us and usually I can smell dinner as soon as I open my car door.  It is the peace of mind that routine brings…..knowing my family are home, safe…..and that each night we close the doors and are able to all be together. Without that, nothing in my life would be right…..

This is what makes me leave work early at least two days a week – what ensures that I usually don’t bring work home during the weekends.  I make them my priority, because without them, nothing else would be right in my life.

Like I have said before…..if you get your priorities right, everything else, will inevitably falls into place…..

Having said that, I’m off now to spend time with my favorite people…..

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