Coping with Change……

“The fear you let build up in your mind is worse than the situation that actually exists”  
~Spencer Johnson~

Coping with change can be very difficult.

However, it is something that all humans have to learn how to deal with as change happens rapidly around us.  Change in our life, change in our circumstances, change in our family, change in our finances, change with our children, change in our jobs.  Change is always with us, therefore learning to deal with it effectively is a key life skill that we all need to learn.

Change can be fantastic, but it can also bring with it turmoil and chaos.  It is in the way we deal with it, that determines if it will have a positive outcome.

If you haven’t read, ‘Who Moved My Cheese,‘ By Dr Spencer Johnson you need to.  In fact, it is one of those books that should be handed out to all members of your team…..or you can watch the animation on youtube at: Show it to your staff, have a discussion about it and see what transpires.

Being a new headteacher, there has been lots of change, change for me, change for my family, change for the school.  I came into the school thinking that I wouldn’t bring about too much change to begin with, but actually anyone different is change.  So, more change has taken place than I would have imagined.  We all do things differently, handle things in our own way, carry out tasks in varying ways, etc, etc….so any new person will bring about change.

In our profession, change is a constant.  The more proficient we are at dealing with it and making it work for us, the better.  This coming September we are faced with implementing a new curriculum that will bring about massive changes.  New initiatives arise every day, but as long as we understand how to cope with the changes, how to bring in new changes and how to involve everyone in the changes, then things, overall, should run smoothly.

Sometimes we can be in a position in which  we control the change or at least the pace of which changes take place.  Being in education, I have learnt to question change, to take time and to think about how to bring in new changes in a way with least disruption. Instead of rushing into changes and forcing them upon the staff, together we think about what this change could bring, what the impact could be. Sometimes we will realise that not making a change is the best decision at that moment.  Other times, change is exactly what is needed.

Change is inevitable.  Thinking through ways to embrace change and to realise the positive effects that change can bring is essential.  When change comes and we are not prepared for it, we can be left behind – struggling.

So, how can we help our staff to see change in an optimistic light?  As leaders, how can we implement change effectively?

The way we manage change and react to change will determine a great deal about our future…..

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