A Chance to Inspire……

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 
Benjamin Franklin ~

During our Inset today we had a chance to look at the new curriculum.  Around the classroom were large sheets of paper with a different subject written in the middle.  Next to these sheets were the relevant sections taken from the National Curriculum.  It was a chance to really create and plan what our new curriculum would look like.  Sharpies and loads of flip chart pens were strewn across tables, while teachers talked and drew their ‘vision’ for each subject.  

While some see the implementation of the New Curriculum yet another challenge, we are looking at it as an opportunity….an opportunity to make our curriculum fit our school, a chance to really engage and inspire children about a range and expanse of various subjects.

I see it as a chance to not just skim lots of different topics, but to really delve into the ‘meat and bones’ of learning….a chance to see what gets the pupils fired up and to teach them things that we are passionate about. There is more scope within this framework, in the foundation subjects, to delve into what the children would like to learn and take the planning from there.  But, most important to remember is that when teachers are passionate…..the children are passionate.  The attitude of the teacher is reflected in the children…..therefore, when teachers love what they are teaching then the children will love learning……..

After a ridiculous amount of pizza from the local pizza cafe…..that is another story….today is Two for Tuesdays at Dominoes Pizza….I was catering for about 28 members of staff, figuring in that to have enough, each person needed about half a pizza (12 inch) – but I am a big supporter of our local community and the ‘mom and pop’ stores that surround us – so didn’t opt for Dominoes, but our local pizza place where the dough and sauce is made fresh every day…..and the meat comes from the butcher across the road.  

So, as I was saying, after our ‘extremely delicious’ pizza, we had training for the ‘Be the Best You Can Be!’ program delivered by 21st Century Legacy. The training was terrific and centred around coaching skills, effective questioning and feedback.  The aim is that these principles are applied to the children, in a way to help them achieve their ‘dreams.’  Using the Grow Model, coaching is used to help the children work towards their goals, allowing them to see their ‘next steps, helping them realise their potential. The underlying premise behind the program is exceptional.  

Now, as a staff, we need to sit down and decide how we will implement the key themes across the school (EYFS to year 6) with the most impact.  When we finally launch the program to the children, an Olympian will come into school for the day to tell their story of perseverance and victory.  They deliver a school assembly and then visit each of the classrooms to work with the children at a more personal level.  Coaching strategies are used throughout the program and children are given the skills to work towards achieving their targets.  Eventually, they learn to visualise their success.

Setting achievable goals, seeing success and being able to implement the steps to realise every child’s full potential is what it is about.  A chance to let children dream, but more importantly a chance for them to really see the possibilities….

Teachers have the power to be ‘dream-makers.’  What an incredible gift that we have been given…..cherish this gift and use it to light a thousand flames………..


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