Lists, Lists and More Lists…..

“Rename your “To-Do” list to your “Opportunities” list. Each day is a treasure chest filled with limitless opportunities; take joy in checking many off your list.”

~Steve Maraboli~

I had a sleepless night last night. Not out of anxiety, but because my mind was full of ideas and excitement for the promise of  a new term of inspired learning and creativity!

Like many schools, we have two Inset days before the children come back. Today was taken up by First Aid training, for those people whose certificate had expired. Tomorrow there is Lunchtime Supervisor training in the morning and then 21st Century Legacy, ‘Be the Best You Can Be!’ program. I will have to report back on that tomorrow….

Since I have become a head, I have been finding it difficult to decide on what to do during our Inset Days. In September, we had two full days and as a new head I knew that I wanted to come in and get to know everyone and give them a chance to find out more about me and my approach to education. So, we had a day of vision building and reflecting on what our values as a school should be…..perhaps I’ll post pictures of what the result of that was shortly….

I want Insets to be exciting and motivational…..and I suppose once I really get into being a head here, it will become clearer to see exactly what is needed. Further, if you are thinking of specialised training, the speaker is usually booked up at least a year in advance, so it really is about planning.

There is so much to do, yet I feel as though my time is limited during the week.  We have our staff meeting, once a week, that starts promptly at 3:30 and ends promptly at 5:00. (I am a stickler for finishing when we say we will finish!) However, there is always more to do or things that are still incomplete. My struggle at the moment is finding more time to sit down with the team (not just the SLT team, but the whole team).  Having everyone involved in key conversations is crucial to keep everyone in the loop but more importantly feeling as though they are part of the process of making key decisions.  Everyone’s voice needs to be valued and heard – but finding the time to do this can be difficult.

I am a great one for lists. (Something else I give thanks to my husband for!) I spend five minutes every morning, before anything else, making a checklist of everything that I need to complete during the day.  First, I list the things that must be completed, and then beneath those, other tasks that I will move onto once everything else is completed.  If these don’t get done, I usually then transfer them to the next day’s list.  At any point if I think of something that needs to be done, I immediately write it down…..I write everything down…..if I didn’t something would be missed……things are still missed but at least not as many.  At the end of the day, I am ecstatic if I have been able to check everything off, but if not, at least I have a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small.

Since working in schools, I have come to realise no matter if you are a teaching assistant, a teacher or a headteacher, there is always more to do, your job is never complete.  Therefore, prioritising your tasks is key.

Take time tomorrow morning to list down the main things that need to be completed before the end of the day.  Be sensible about it – think about what really must be done.

Help yourself focus on the important things, ensuring that you ‘work smarter’ during your day.


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