Communicating through a website…..

I’ve been thinking about our school website.  I’m excited to see what it will look like when it is completed.  I want it streamlined, easy to use, but with excellent information that is useful and up to date for our parents.  It must highlight how ‘unique’ we are and what we excel at.

Going through the list of statutory documents makes me realise that we still have a few things that need to be completed to ensure that everything is up there for September.  Obviously, it will continue to develop once we get it rolled out.  The idea is that teachers will send through weekly updates and pictures for our IT technician to add.  I want it to be a place where parents can find all of the information that they need.  I want it to be a place where if parents get stuck, they can go onto the website and find out more information about how to help their children at home.  

It is just one way in which I hope that we can better communicate with our parents.  Communication is always a gripe, so the more ways in which we can communicate things, the better.

I’m hoping that this website will enhance this and reflect who we truly are as a school.

It needs to make us stand out from the crowd……while allowing our parents to be fully informed and aware of what is going on in school……

How do you use your website to communicate with parents?  How are you adapting to all of the changes and statutory requirements of the website?


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Summer is almost here…

A few more days in school….but I’m going to switch myself off from it all soon. I think I owe it to myself!

Thinking forwards to September and I get that flutter in my tummy like I’m about to start my first day of school all over again. I love that my job makes me feel that way….I hope it is always like this. But as my husband always says, when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!

It’s true…

Even though there are always things that are sent to test and challenge us, the experiences always make us stronger and we can always learn something from them..

I’ve learnt such a great deal this past year and all my experiences will help me to be more decisive and more confident of my vision and how to get everyone there. I’m looking forward to the new team and a fresh start.

But before September gets here, I’m looking forward to taking some down time….spending quality time with the family doing whatever we happen to do……these are the moments we will always remember…

I’m just trying to truly make every moment count…

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What’s on your reading list?

I’ve been mulling over my summer reading list. I have a stack of books that I would like to get through before September….education and leadership books….I have a few for pleasure (but I really enjoy them all!), recommended reads from my mum and of course a Jodi Picoult thrown in there!

I love books, I love to read. It is so hard to always find time to read. Also, it doesn’t help that I’m one of those people who can have about four books on the go at the same time. This, of course, makes it hard to actually finish a book!

So, I’m sitting here gazing at my bookshelf wondering what I’m going to read now. Education? Or will I get lost in a completely different world?

What’s on your summer reading list?

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Teaching and Learning…..

This is what our business is all about;  teaching while ensuring that the children are as inspired and engaged by learning as they can be.

Tonight I have been reviewing our Teaching and Learning policy.  At the moment it doesn’t fully reflect our practice.  I want to incorporate the things we have learnt from our Di Pardoe training – thinking about ‘purple learners’ and the ‘purple bus.’  

I want it to be a policy that needs to be read by new members of staff, supply and volunteer teachers.  It needs to be a policy that highlights how fantastic we are at teaching and learning while incorporating our marking and feedback policies within it.  

I want it to be a document that shows how ‘outstanding’ our practice is.  It should be a ‘key’ document of schools, but I truly want it to be ‘key,’  Therefore, I’m really trying to nail it.  I want to be able to present it to staff and for them to realise how powerful it can be.  It needs to be implemented and from that there needs to be a clear impact.

What is your teaching and learning policy like at your school?  Is it up to date and relevant?  Is marking and feedback incorporated in the T&L policy or is it separate?  

I want to hear others’ thoughts……

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Getting Organised…

It is so quiet at school.  No bustling of children, empty classrooms.

I’m feeling quite accomplished, however, as things are getting highly organised!  Filing away all the papers that have slowly built up over the past few months feels great….clearing things away and throwing things out helps to make way for new ideas.

I walked around the school today.  Classrooms looking so barren as displays have been pulled down and shelves looking empty waiting for new boxes and resources.

There has been alot of change over this past year, but there is more coming in September.  New teachers in different classes and a new curriculum.  It is an exciting time.

So tomorrow will be another day of clearing and compartmentalising, restoring order to my office.  I love to see the sleek look of a clean desk, free from clutter and sticky notes.  I do love my sticky notes!

But, as I said yesterday, there is always something else to do.  Next on the agenda is to go through all of the child and staff questionnaires and build them into my SEF.  

When that is done, there will be yet another task to get onto….

Your work is never finished……

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There is always work to be done….

The weekend has come and almost gone and we have enjoyed an afternoon of fun ending in the most personal and beautiful fireworks show I’ve seen in a long while.

The kids enjoyed themselves and my son, after an at least two hour game of football, was drenched. My daughter also became the resident face painter. They both had lots of fun, which was the main thing.

So, two more days of going into school. I know I’ll be in at different points over the summer but my aim for the next couple of days is to get everything wrapped up for the year and have everything ready for the next.

Two solid days to file things away and update folders for the next academic year.

Though, when you sit back and think about it, things are never done. There are always things to do…..a headteacher’s job is never really done…

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We made it!!

Well, it is the end…..I can’t believe we got here. It has been a good year with ups and downs. There have been challenges and celebrations….

I don’t like saying goodbyes….there are always those children that stay with you…..the ones who you will never forget…,I’m glad that is still the same as a headteacher.

I was taken aback when the staff called me into the hall after all the children had left to thank me for such an amazing year. They said they were all behind me and couldn’t wait for another start in September. I was so appreciative of their kind words and support for what has been a year of a great deal of change.

They are an amazing team….I am so privileged to now truly be a part if it.

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